31 Jan

"Turkey is our Common Homeland!"

31 Jan 2018
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"Turkey is our Common Homeland!"

Students of Turkish Summer School (TSS), organized for the 8th time this year by Yunus Emre Institute, expressed their aspirations for Turkey on their personal social media accounts, immediately after they returned to their respective countries. Students shared posts under titles such as "Turkey is our common homeland... The most beautiful days of my life were in Turkey... We returned to our country, but our minds and hearts remained in Turkey... I returned to my country from Turkey, now I feel like a stranger in my own country... I do not want to go home, leaving Turks behind... Now you have brothers and sisters in every corner of the world! Turkey is now my second country...”


Established by Law No. 5653 in order to promote the Turkish language, Turkey and its culture and art, as well as to improve the interaction between different cultures, Yunus Emre Institute with 138 contact points in 60 countries, hosted 700 students from 57 countries this year for a month in 22 different cities in Turkey.

Groups of students from Yunus Emre Institute centres abroad and students who study in Turcology departments of universities with which the Institute signed protocols, improved their Turkish skills in the cities they stayed; got familiar with Turkey and Turkish people; and got the chance to closely see the historical, touristic and natural beauties of the country.


Students at different language levels, from the lowest level A1 to the highest level C2, learned Turkish on site by experiencing the language for a month, participating in different cultural-artistic activities and expeditions-excursions. After completing Turkish Summer School, the students said goodbye to Turkey, Turks and their friends in their relevant groups in tears! They shared their feelings either while they were still travelling back or immediately after they returned home.



Amira Ali Abdelghani Eissa from Egypt at C2 language level, who attended Turkish lessons at the Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University throughout the TSS program, shared the following on her social media account: “I had the best days of my life with you. I am so glad to have met and gotten to know you. You have no idea how much I miss you. You all took a piece of my heart and returned to your families but Turkey is our common homeland. We had fun there and had great days. You are all in my heart, my dear family.”



Olya Ilchenko in Giresun group who participated in TSS from Ukraine's capital Kiev, said that there were a lot of questions and doubts on her mind when she first arrived in Giresun, and stated the following: "This city, university, people have touched my heart. The highlands, scenery and the sea that took our breath away will forever remain in my memories. I loved the people living here. I think Turks are born hospitable, it is in their blood. Because they invited us to their homes without knowing us and offered us tea, they helped us when we felt unwell, gave us advice when we were in a difficult situation. The month felt like a day. It completely changed my plans and ideas."



Süreyya Memmadova from Azerbaijan's capital Baku who continued her Turkish training at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University in Rize, stated that she spent the best month of her life in Turkey and expressed her feelings as follows: "I am happy beyond words to have been in Rize group, to have met and spent a month with teachers and students like you. Turkish brought together students from 10 different countries and we have become a family. We laughed together, cried together, and got wet under the rain together. I have collected beautiful memories in this month with you. I spent the best days of my 22 years of life in Turkey. "


Rahila Ağayeva, another student from Baku said: "It was the best time of my life to this age. I am thankful to anyone who contributed to it. Goodbye my Turkey."



Dariia Tarasenko from Odessa, Ukraine, said, "For me, Turkey has become my second homeland and my friends have become my second family. It was very difficult to leave you and I am still trying to get used to Ukraine".

Meral Kerveshi from capital of Kosovo, Pristina expressed her feelings as follows: "Everyone returned to their countries but left their hearts and minds in Turkey. But I have gotten used to you so much in such a short time that I feel like a foreigner even in my own country."

One of those who expressed his fondness of Turkey in similar words was Djengis Demirov from Macedonia's capital Skopje. Demirov said, "I had such great experiences that I felt like a stranger when I returned to my own country. I felt so empty as if I were all alone, forlorn... I went out and wandered; I did not even know where I was going. You came to my mind at every step. #RotamTürkiye I miss you so much.”



Muhammad Obaid, who came from India's capital New Delhi and completed his Turkish language training in the Turkish Summer School program, shared a post as he boarded the plane, expressing that he does not want to leave Turkey. Obaid said, "I already knew that Turks were altruistic, helpful, hospitable and loving, but I never thought that you would show such love and respect to us. I cannot help but cry upon seeing such love and respect. I really do not want to leave you and return to my country India, but I have to."



The most interesting post was shared by Mohammed Numan Alshish: "Turkey, oh my beautiful country. My dear. I miss you so much. O beautiful country Turkey, o the most beautiful city Giresun. My second time in Turkey. I was there on July 23 last year. I was really scared. I asked a lot of questions, how are the people, how is life, how can they do such a thing. Nuts are plentiful in Giresun, in every garden. The Black Sea is very big and very beautiful. The pure water of the Black Sea is like the hearts of Giresun people. Giresun's houses ... I made new friends, learned about new ideas and new things. Yunus Emre Institute, my teachers and friends; thank you for everything."



Posts by some of 700 students who came to Turkey responding to Yunus Emre's call “Come, let's meet and be friends, let's make things easier. Let's love and be loved; The earth shall be left to no one" with the hashtag  #RotamTürkiye, expressed their contentment with the program as follows:


Nurhan Gökçemen (Beirut / Lebanon): “I still cannot believe it. We came to Turkey for Turkish Summer School. I guess I came here to see you. It is as if we met before. When we went to Ankara, I noticed that there were other groups. I promise not to forget you after I leave. You will always be in my heart. I am so glad to have met you. I love you very much and I hope to see you again.”


Mariana Markovic (Belgrade / Serbia): “Thank you all very much for everything. I love you so much. So glad I have you. Thank you very much for this opportunity. It was a really great experience.”


Salma Said Muhammad (Cairo / Egypt): “We have become a small family with my Turkish teachers and my friends from different countries in Turkey. So glad I have you, that you entered my life, and we met. I miss you already. I spent the best days of my life, lived the most beautiful memories together with you. Always remember this. Never forget this. I love you very much.”


Anna Cilcic (Komrat / Moldova): “Time. It is a very peculiar thing. You cannot understand how it goes. It does not pass by when you wait. It flows ruthlessly when you want it not to pass, even stop. I cannot say it is passing, it is flying. How is this possible? I could not make sense of it. Time does everything. It connects people. Sometimes you meet some people. When it is time, you have to leave behind the people you met. Maybe we will never see each other again. It is time to say goodbye my dear friends. Each of you are miracles. I love you all. So glad to have you. May God be with you. I miss you already. I could not tag everybody, because I do not follow every one, but you are all in my heart.”


Kerima Caracas (Sarajevo / Bosnia-Herzegovina): I will not say goodbye. Let's change it to ‘see you later’. Let's make it ‘thank you’. I owe thanks to Sivas, Istanbul, Turkey, Yunus Emre Institute, my teachers and particularly my friends. I love you very much. Do not forget me. I will see you again, somewhere else, but for the same reason. Let it be our reason.”


Saad Zuber (New Delhi / India): “I never thought I would enjoy the summer school so much. I got along great with my teachers and friends. I've discovered new people, new places. I have made many friends thanks to this journey. I will miss you so much. I met you very late in the life. You are a very sincere and understanding people. Glad to have met you. May God bring you together with good people. Take care.”


Dzhennet Beibudova (Kiev / Ukraine): “One has to miss Kütahya. I lived in the city of ceramics and realized that I could not become a tile master. It was a very difficult two hours for me. This craft takes a lot of patience. But the result is incredible. Thanks for such a wonderful lesson of patience, my Kütahya and Yunus Emre Institute.”


Mariya Akhayeva (Astana / Kazakhstan): “Thank you very much for everything, YEI! It was great to attend Turkish Summer School and to have unforgettable moments in Turkey.


Sunaj Osmani (Skopje / Macedonia): “It is hard to say goodbye. Time passes quickly when you have a good time because people are happier. When we laughed, we laughed all together, we were happy, and had unforgettable memories. We discovered fine things, learned good things. Then... The last thing we learned was to say goodbye to each other. I think not being able to say goodbye is worse than saying it. Somewhere the words slip. Not being able to say what you want to... But every good thing has an end. Greetings to all my wonderful friends I met! All I have to say is this:what else can I promise you except that I will never forget you?”


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