31 Jan

Yunus Emre Institute’s “I Experience Turkey” Competition Started

31 Jan 2018
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Yunus Emre Institute’s “I Experience Turkey” Competition Started

This year, Yunus Emre Institute is running a competition as a part of the Turkish Summer School Program it organises every year. The competition will consist of three categories and will be called “I Experience Turkey”.

The competition in photography, video and articles/texts will be run online through Yunus Emre Institute’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it will aim to encourage current and former students of the Institute’s Turkish Summer School program to share their experiences in Turkish culture, arts, history and language as well as to promote the natural, historical and cultural beauties of Turkey. The competition also aims to contribute to the visual and literary arts while raising awareness about the Institute’s activities drawing from Turkey’s cultural diversity.

The competition will be held in three categories. Contestants will be compete with their texts/essays, photographs and video films. The themes of the competition will cover everything about Turkey from social activities such as training sessions, site-seeing visits, festivals, fairs and competitions to gastronomy, cultural heritages, Turkish handcrafts or natural beauties. That is to say, every small detail reflected through the eyes of the foreign students coming to Turkey will form the theme of the competition.


1.      Only the students that attended Yunus Emre Institute’s Turkish Summer School Program can participate the competition.

2.      Participation is free of charge.

3.      Each participant can compete with a maximum of two (2) coloured or black and white photograph, video or essay/text.

4.      Those who win an award in the competition will have to document student status at the TSS program.

5.      You can get the technical specifications for the competition at the Institute’s official website www.yee.org.tr

6.      Works that serve a political purpose; have explicit or harmful contents; do not comply with mainstream moral codes; contain insults or use a name of a company for whatever reason will be eliminated.

7.      You must like and / or follow Yunus Emre Institute’s social media accounts to be able to enter the competition (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yeeorgtr , Twitter: https://twitter.com/yeeorgtr , Instagram: https://instagram.com/yeeorgtr).

8.      Works (photographs, videos or texts) that will compete in the competition must be shared on the Institute’s social media accounts with the hashtags #TürkiyeyiYaşıyorum and @turkceyazokulu.

9.      Photographs and videos must be filmed/taken during the Turkish Summer School program. Failure to do so will be a breach of the competition rules.

10.   Photographs and videos that received an award in another competition run before or at the same time with “I Experience Turkey” competition cannot participate in this competition. Equally, photographs or videos created by changing the frame/viewfinder, cropping or decolouring cannot compete in the competition. Failure to comply will be regarded as a breach of the competition rules. On the other hand, photographs or videos that have been previously published on other platforms for purposes other than a competition can be used.

11.   Simple photographic adjustments on the colouring, contrasts, sharpness of the photographs and videos will be accepted. The jury will have the authority to rule on such works’ eligibility for competition.

12.   The participant shall accept, undertake and declare that s/he is the sole owner of the works uploaded on the social media and that s/he has received all due permissions.

13.   If it is identified that the work sent to the competition does not actually belong to the participant and that the participant has modified/changed the work to deceive the competition jury, due procedures for breach of competition rules shall be applied against the participant.

14.   All pieces sent to the competition must be created/taken by the contestant. Texts or images that belong to other people cannot be used in the competition partially or in their entirety.

15.   All who participate in the competition are automatically considered to have read and accepted the terms and rules of the competition.

16.   If it is identified that the winners are in breach of competition rules and terms, their nomination and awards are withdrawn.

17.   Yunus Emre Institute has the right to cancel the competition, change its rules and terms or change the members of the jury at any time at its convenience without giving any prior notice. In such a case, the contestants cannot claim any rights. 


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